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Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting

Characteristic to our system is real-time based reporting. It means that a continuous synchronisation takes place after every activity in the MySEPP system. This is realised through the smartphone what is connected with the online database. The continuous synchronisation arranges that all the LMRAs. Safety Reports, and WPIs are stored in the system directly after being performed, so that the HSE management can observe on to the second what is going on regarding safety, and react adequately on developments if needed. Moreover it is possible to conduct, execute and monitor the HSE-management 24/7. 

The continuous flow of data makes it possible to directly react on developments and creates a more efficient and effective way to operate the safety management in a company. This results in a safer work environment and diminishes HSE-costs. 


  • Continuous and immediate synchronisation after every activity
  • 24/7 safety management
  • Immediate responding
  • More efficiency and effectivity in the operation of safety management
  • A safer work environment
  • Depletion of HSE-costs